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With Rose Catering you will be more than satisfied with the services provided.

Rose Catering is a catering and private chef business created by Samantha Etienne. With you in mind, every menu is curated thoughtfully from the ingredients and technique, down to the linens. We harness ourselves on quality over quantity. Be certain that we use the freshest and finest locally sourced ingredients.  Rose Catering is dedicated to my late Tatie Marie Mimerose Jean Baptiste. During her lifetime, one thing was for sure and two things were for certain: if you were at her house (no matter how long or short) she was going to make sure you ate; whether you were hungry or not.

I loved that about her spirit, and it’s in me. 

May she rest in power, forever.

Samantha Etienne, Owner

I don't consider myself a chef in the traditional sense quite yet because to me, the title is earned and not given, but I am a person working toward that goal who loves food and cooking.


Granted I may not consider myself a chef, but I can cook my butt off. Not your average cooking either. Rose Catering is exquisite, sophisticated, intricate, but comforting and healing all in the same breath.

You know what to do!

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Hopefully something here can bring you comfort or a new learning experience, whatever it is, take it and go be dope ☺

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